ICT Vision & Strategy

Personalised learning… anytime-anywhere learning… 1:1 mobile learning… BYOD… using data to drive school improvement… innovative curriculum… e-safety… CPD and training…

Dazed and confused?  Or just bogged down?

  • Maybe you have seen the benefits of ICT and want to take your school to the next level
  • Possibly you have tried ambitious ICT projects in the past that just haven’t delivered the results
  • Or perhaps you have a clear vision for learning and want to ensure ICT is used to the max to produce the best outcomes for your students

Whatever stage you are at Telios can help you to flesh out your vision into a clear strategy and detailed plans that will enable you to realise your vision and get the most from your investment in ICT.

Our approach at Telios is to:

  • Help you develop and articulate a clear vision for how ICT should be used to transform learning in your school or academy
  • Take you through an audit process to identify strengths and areas for development of your school
  • Devise detailed action plans that will move your staff and students to the next level

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