4 Reasons to consider Canvas for your new LMS


Over the past year I have been supporting the adoption of the Canvas LMS in a large international school group. Canvas is quickly gaining a reputation for very high adoption and engagement rates, and is being used by an increasing number of schools, colleges and universities. If you are unhappy with your LMS, here are some reason why you might want to consider Canvas.

Ease of Use

So many schools and college invest thousands in an LMS only to find that uptake is very low. Staff find it hard to use, and so don’t, and students get frustrated. Canvas is well known for being easy to use. So staff use it, continue to use it, and learners get supported. One of the reasons for this are the mobile apps for teachers, students and parents, which allow users to access Canvas using technology they are already familiar with.


Canvas is designed to be flexible, so institutions and individuals teachers can switch features on or off according to their needs. The learning experience can also be enhanced by the addition of third party LTI tools, which are easy to install and manage.


Reliability of an LMS is incredibly important. Learners and staff need it to be available all of the time. Downtime and slow performance has a significant impact on engagement with an LMS, and hence on learner outcomes. Canvas is a true cloud-native system, and is hosted on the Amazon Web Services. This means it is guaranteed to be available a 99.9% of the time.

Value for Money

Because staff and students will actually use Canvas, the actual cost of ownership per user is very low, compared to an LMS that is not used.


To find out more about Canvas visit their website.

Or get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss how we have helped schools successfully get to grips with Canvas.