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  Over the past year I have been supporting the adoption of the Canvas LMS in a large international school group. Canvas is quickly gaining a reputation for very high adoption and engagement rates, and is being used by an increasing number of schools, colleges and universities. If you are […]

4 Reasons to consider Canvas for your new LMS

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E-safety Education E-safety education is in my opinion the most important aspect of your school’s e-safety policy. Put bluntly, your students may be safe and sound behind your bomb-proof firewalls and child-friendly filters while in school, but if they do not understand how to manage online risks when they are […]

Developing E-Safety Education

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  The process of becoming an e-safe school involves time, effort, and commitment. This is no less true for effective technical measures. The e-safety mark standards for infrastructure ‘reflect the importance of having effective systems in place to ensure the security of the school’s computer systems, system users and personal […]

4 Aspects of E-security You Need to Get Right

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In the second of a series on e-safety, this blogs continues the theme of e-safety policy and leadership. An e-safe school has clear and comprehensive policies which are understood and owned by all stakeholders. Consider the aspects below and don’t forget part 1 of this series which also covers aspects […]

Leadership of e-safety – Part 2

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In the first of a series on e-safety, this blogs covers e-safety policy and leadership. In an e-safe school everyone knows who is responsible for what so that nothing is left to chance. Leadership is key to making this happen. This area is so big it will be covered in […]

Taking a Lead on E-safety

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  There are a bewildering number of websites providing resources and advice on e-safety, and it can be difficult to wade through and find some real quality. Here I highlight 10 sites covering advice, resources, curriculum and even an e-safety qualification. There are some old favourites, and hopefully a few […]

Top 10 E-safety Web Sites

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How safe are pupils at your school when they are online? Ask most teachers this and they’d probably say, ‘Well, we have good filters in place and pupils have an e-safety lesson every year’. The reality is many that schools’ policies and practice are in need of improvement. The South […]

Online safety ‘State of the Nation’ report